1. biryazaksami:

    haha pornstache

    god i hate this guy so much. can’t wait for season 2 though

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    Tom’s Treehouse is an impressive three-story treehouse that was completed in 2011 and built for free by the talented and generous friends of couple Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez. They used their combined skills of carpentry, roofing, and design to create a beautiful and touching tribute to Surratt’s’ father, who passed away shortly after the couple bought the property.

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  5. floraehls:

    my desktop, because.

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  6. stunningpicture:

    Eerie photo of the Yellow Brick Road from an abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park in North Carolina.

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  7. black-quadrant:

    I’ve mastered the skill of feeling guilty for asking for anything

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  9. jtotheizzoe:

    One of my favorite GIFs of one of my favorite NASA visualizations to preview Monday’s It’s Okay To Be Smart and get you excited and all that jazz. Think you can guess what tomorrow’s vid is about?

    Blue = sea salt
    Green = organics
    Red = dust
    White = sulfates

    Check out the full NASA video below, featuring simulated global “stuff in the air” over a two year period on Earth. Ain’t Earth beautiful? (Even if, as in this case, it’s a 3 million processor-hour computer animation)

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    Target cakes. (Pinterestから)

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    The ol rrrrrrrazzle dazzle

    The longer I watch, the funnier it gets

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